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  • Soul of the City

    soulof thecity

    Mixed media pigment prints overworked with monotype and hand-painting also described as Monolith prints

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  • american-show

    AN americanSHOW

    “My art is for all people,” said Guyton. “I just want to paint what I see and what I feel…a lot of the time, what I do. It’s not necessarily pretty, its real life, real life, it’s what I see.”

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  • face-studies


    These are studies for the Faces of God and Faces in the Hood series.

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  • face-in-the-hood

    facein thehood

    “Abandoned car hoods appear throughout the project in a thoughtful pun, as smiling self-portraits.”

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  • Forest studies

    black forestStudies

    These studies were created during Tyree’s two trips to Germany between 1996-1999, when he had a chance to observe the Black Forest. Although the studies never evolved into larger works, the series depicts a mixed media/watercolor abstract representation of the famed dense forest

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  • face-of-god


    "We are all the faces of God. He said he made us in his image and likeness...and that says to me that God has a lot of faces."

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  • "Spirit" is Tyree's most recent exhibtions

    "Spirit", is an exhibition showcasing Guyton’s Faces In The Hood collection from the iconic Faces of God series.

    Open to the public Friday, October 17

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Welcome to the Art of Tyree Guyton

"I strive to be a part of the solution. I see and understand how order is needed in the world and in our individual lives. My experiences have granted me knowledge of how to create art and how to see beauty in everything that exists."


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