List of Awards, Exhibitions, and Shows

Tyree Guyton, DFA
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Select solo exhibitions/installations


  • The Heidelberg Project; Detroit, MI. Ongoing 2 City Block Outdoor Art Installation founded in 1986. Although partially destroyed by two Detroit Administrations, the Heidelberg Project continues to rise from the ruins and today is recognized as one of the most powerful art environments in the world.


  • College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI. Tea for Two: Sam Mackey and Tyree Guyton, March25-April 30.
  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History; Detroit, MI. Heidelbergology - Art in the Streets, March-November.


  • Gallery Tom Blaess; Bern, Switzerland. Tyree Guyton: Soul of the City, October—November.


  • Handswerk Vocational School; Bolzano, Italy. Totally Connected, May.
  • McColl Center for Visual Art; Charlotte, NC. An American Show, March-May.
  • Ella Sharp Museum; Jackson, MI. Street Sense, March-May.


  • Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum; University Center, MI. Street Sense, February-May.


  • Wayne State University; Detroit, MI. Street Sense, September-December.
  • Western Michigan University; Kalamazoo, MI. The Inland See, September-October.


  • University of Michigan Business School; Ann Arbor, MI. An American Show, October-December.


  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History; Detroit, MI. An American Show, June-October.


  • Singing for that Country; Sydney, Australia. Installation/Residency, September-October.
  • Michigan State University School of Law; East Lansing, MI. An American Show, September-November.
  • Auburn University; Auburn, AL. Faces in the Hood, September-November.
  • Tabor Hills Gallery; Ann Arbor, MI. A New State of Mind, May-June.


  • Batista Gallery; Ferndale, MI. An American Show, September-November.


  • Gallery 4731; Detroit, MI. City Business, November 20, 2002-January 31, 2003.


  • Permanent Art Installation; Mt. Vernon, NY. Circle of Life, commissioned by the City of Mt. Vernon and Pelham Art Center.


  • Three Rivers Art Festival; Pittsburgh, PA. Sculpture at the Point, June 3-18, curated by Lonnie Graham.
  • Cultural Institute of Romania; Europe. Tyree Guyton, The Heidelberg Project.
  • Harvard University; Cambridge, MA. Imaging Futures, April 1-30, curated by John Beardsley.


  • Maniscalco Gallery, Detroit, MI. Kickin Ass and Takin Names.


  • Madach 5 Galeria; Budapest, Hungary. Tyree Guyton, October 14-November 30.
  • C-Pop Gallery; Detroit, MI. Dreamin, August 15-September 30.


  • International Art Multiple; Japan and Russia. Tyree Guyton, The Heidelberg Project.


  • Glaskasten Edition & Verlag GMBH and International Art Multiple; Germany. Tyree Guyton, The Heidelberg Project, October 28-November 2.
  • Soul People, a Shoe House; St. Paul, MN (community of Frogtown). Outdoor Environment curated by Todd Bockley in conjunction with the Minnesota Museum of American Art, August 14-October 14.
  • University of Indiana School of Fine Arts; Bloomington, IN. Come Unto Me, October 26-November 30.


  • Alexa Lee Gallery; Ann Arbor, MI. New Editions, February 9-March 11.


  • Alexa Lee Gallery; Ann Arbor, MI. Tyree Guyton: Past, Present, and Future…, August 30-October 4.


  • Liberal Arts Gallery; Detroit, MI. Tyree Guyton, April 12-June 14.


  • LedisFlam Gallery; New York, NY. Tyree Guyton, May 10-August 12.


  • The Detroit Institute of Arts; Detroit, MI. OMAP XI: Tyree Guyton, Installation, June 30-August 19.


  • The Front Room Gallery; Detroit, MI. Tyree Guyton, June-August.